L o a d i n g
Here at Infinity, we strive for quality and creativity. Our team can be the solution to your challenges, even if you are new to XR.
Level creation

Arizona Sunshine 2

The team created several levels for the upcoming Arizona Sunshine 2 game.

Porting & Upgrading

the Blu

Infinity worked hard on upgrading the Blu to the latest version of Unity, porting it to all PC headsets as well as other platforms. We have also implemented a DLC pipeline and upgraded the menu experience.

Game Development


Float is a medical experience using proprietary hardware aimed at rehabilitation of patients.

Game Development

Unannounced project

We are currently working on our own IP, an action-adventure VR arena fighter. The game is set on multiple worlds and will see the player fighting many different enemies.

VFX & Support

The 7th Guest

A collaboration between Infinity, Vertigo Games and MelonadeFX. We created the entirety of the VFX for the multi-platform project. Additionally, the team set up an automated build and testing structure for supporting the title’s development.

Networking back-end

Unannounced project

The team at Infinity was tasked with refactoring and migrating the back-end of a live AAA project to function in the China network environment.

Porting & Upgrading

Time Stall

We upgraded this custom version of UE4 project to the newest version of Unreal Engine 4, optimized for the Pico platform and localized for the Chinese market.

Porting & Upgrading

Coaster Combat

We upgraded the engine, optimized, and localized the experience for the Chinese market. The experience was released on various mobile headsets.

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